The Boot

There it was.

Just sitting beside the road. One boot.
One lonely boot. Weird. Like someone just stepped out of it and walked away.


Did someone in a fit of anger, a relational brawl maybe, toss it out their car? Did it fall from back of a truck, out of a bag of used items on the way to Goodwill? Who would voluntarily give up one of their boots? Maybe it was too tight and this person yanked it off and pitched it, whereupon it landed as it now stands, a one-foot-boot.


The Boot sits beside the road I travel every day to and from work. It’s a busy road. Okay, someone will soon miss The Boot, backtrack, spot it, claim it. Or maybe someone will feel sorry for it, stop, pick it up, rescue it. At least give it a decent disposal. Once when I passed, The Boot had fallen over on its side. Next time I passed it was sitting up straight. Somehow nice knowing someone was considerate, also thinking of The Boot. Finally one day I stopped, walked over, knelt down and inspected The Boot. Brown leather, fur lined. Couldn’t see size. I was not going to pick it up. Maybe it was “bootie” trapped or hiding hidden camera. But The Boot held position, as if a last stand.

Sometimes I feel like a one-boot-day. As if I’m missing something. Responsibilities too tight I imagine stepping out and walking away, or pitching them, wondering where they would land. Most everyone has at some point in life felt tossed. Lost. Lonely. Unmatched. Unneeded. Unclaimed. Some days I let things fall to the side, but somehow I end up straight. We never know what someone is hiding or what they are made of…unless we take time to look inside.

But, someone out there (you know who you are) is missing a boot. And The Boot is missing a sole mate. ♥