I got nothin’

Finally. Time on my hands to write.  Favorite pen poised on a blank sheet of paper.  A quiet house.  And.   I got nothin’.  Absolutely nothing.  Notta.  No.  None.  All the thoughts I’ve wanted to spill, stories to tell, letters to write.  But no, nothing.  Not a doggone thing pushes my pen.  Mind blank as the paper.  Uninspired.  Like trying to eat when you’re not hungry.
	Sitting by the window, I stare outside.  My cat walks around waiting for something to move.  I know how she feels.  Maybe I should write about the cat.  Okay, I just did.  A hummingbird has come to the feeder.  Wow! I must take time to stare at this tiny marvel.  Stunning red neck.  Spectacular.  Zip, gone.  A magical moment.  Am I stalling for time?  Yes, of course, but writers must take into consideration their surroundings. Note I have elevated myself to writer. Really?
	So here I am writing about nothing when I should be writing about everything.  Everything. That’s it. Every. Thing. I got everything.
	My health.  Check.  Well, a few things need fixing. But I’m good to go for now. And now is all we have.
	Wealth.  I have things money can’t buy.  So, yeah.  Check.  
	Love. Check. Got that!
        Heart. Check. But never enough.
        Grown children who still call me.  Still need me.  Check. Check. Recheck!
	Friends.  I see six options:  
	(1)  Close friends  
	(2)  Friends who live faraway. Some still call.  
	(3)  Friends I once had, no idea where they are now, but cross my mind at random times
        (4)  Friends who have crossed from this world to the next
        (5)  Friends on Social Media I always see, but never really see, or don't want to see so much
        (6)  All of the above. Check.
	A husband who holds my hand when we walk.  Who builds me decks.  Takes me to romantic getaways in the mountains.  Check.  Check.  Check.  Who would rather sit and talk about feelings than watch three hours of Rawhide.  Leave blank.  For now.
        Complaints.  When stacked against our world of unrest, our inability to stop man’s inhumanity to man resulting in an unimaginable numbness of heart . . . I got nothin’.   Absolutely nothing.  Notta.  No.  None. 
        I have Everything.  Every.  Thing.
Be still, and know that I am God . . . ~Psalm 46:10

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