All Good

It’s all good.
     Heard that phrase? Someone tells you how rough things have been, then tops it off saying… “It’s all good.”
     No. It’s not all good. Not even close. And sometimes it just feels all bad and ugly.
     I can barely listen to the news today. Whoever thought we would need to choose our news channel based on the way we leaned politically. And why does the news need to be debated with experts and opposing views?
     Just the facts. That’s all I want. Just the news. Please? But headlines today are geared to get us involved emotionally: someone is “slamming” someone else for their views, their opinions. It is hard not to react to the news.  Sometimes I yell at the TV.
     These days I prefer my news delivered quietly on my cell phone screen through Notifications. If there’s an earthquake in Poland, a volcano eruption in Hawaii or a wildfire in California, my selected App (ok, so I downloaded based on my political leaning) delivers a banner quietly across my cell phone screen. I don’t have to hear a scientist and a senator duke it out whether the catastrophes were caused by climate change or election fraud.  Just tell me what is happening.
     No. It’s not all good. But it’s not all bad either. I have family and friends who care about me. A faithful, loving husband with whom I have shared over 50 years. We have two children, four grands and one great-grand! Things with us are not “all good” right now, some things even a bit ugly. But, they are not all bad either.
     It helps to count your blessings.
     More importantly, I have faith and hope in God that whatever bad happens around and to me, God will work out for my good.  He promised!  “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28.
     I am not a preacher.  Just a believer.  And that's All Good!                                                                      ConnieLakeyMartin~Editor        
"He leaded me beside the still waters . . ." Psalm 23:2

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