Heart is everything

Without heart you may as well hang it up. You ain’t got nothin’ if you ain’t got heart. When you lose heart, you’ve lost it all.  How do you get heart and how do you keep heart?  You must have hope.  And faith.  Faith in God.  A God you cannot see, but a God you can feel.  Like the wind.  A faith that gives you hope.  A faith that says there is purpose in your pain, comfort in your sorrow.  A hope that generates a love and lust for life.  Because someone Bigger and Better and All-knowing has caused all this to be.  When you have faith, hope and love…you have heart.  Heart gets you up in the morning.  Heart is the engine of life. Long live heart.

Published by heartbeyond

Editor and publisher of HEART, little literary magazine for prose poetry.

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