Lucia Haase

Lucia Haase has been writing formal verse and free verse poetry for about 20 years as the direct result of a spiritual experience. Born in Peru, Illinois, she now lives in Spring Valley, Illinois with her husband. They are both retired with 2 grown children and 2 granddaughters. Many of her poems are inspired by nature and or human emotion, and many are of the spiritual nature. Lucia was recently included in a poetry anthology titled Symphonies of the Wild Hearted, available on She also recently had poetry accepted by The Raven’s Perch, ime of Singing, The Bible Advocate and Nostalgia Press.



Autumn wafts upon me, each leaf lands
in saffron, scarlet and burnished tides
as I’m falling for each bough. Views expanding,
my eyes converse while my heart confides
to my soul, how this is my favorite season.
The wind blows corn, rustling and golden-
a harvest awaiting rhyme and reason
willed by our God from ancient days olden.
And the country calls with a chilly flair
of copper sunsets kindling. Distant skies
on fields of horizons make me aware
of a driven gravel road. A crow cries-
a longing that reflects love of nature more,
a drumming kind of knock upon winter’s door.

Published HEART 15, 2020