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Paul Lojeski

Paul Lojeski was born and raised in Lakewood, Ohio. His poetry has appeared in print and online. He lives in Port Jefferson, New York.

This Morning

Times we all feel trapped
like me this morning-
trapped like a big old bear,
its battered paw snapped 
in a metal spiked trap, 
like sweet singing birds 
caged by the windows, 
like loyal dogs roaming 
rooms not far from empty 
food bowls. Like that. Only 
death’s icy trap’s never 
honored or feared 
until the morning your
eyes pop open and those 
frozen bars slide closer 
and closer in that damp 
hospital bed, while 
memories fly into distant 
clouds and you hope like
me this morning with 
clenched fists this wasn’t 
the final morning, with 
a last glimpse of light 
and sound, of breathing
in the miraculous void lit 
by trillions of dying suns.

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