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Jean Varda

Jean Varda gave her first poetry reading at Stone Soup Gallery in Boston, Massachusetts, where a few New York beat poets were showing up.  This was followed by performances on street corners and prisons with her mentor, Story teller Brother Blue.  Then she joined Cloud House in San Francisco and poet Kush, who is known to have the largest collection of San Francisco beat poets on film.  She has self-published six chapbooks of her poetry, establishing Sacred Feather Press.  She started four open mics, taught poetry writing workshops, has been published in numerous small press journals and was nominated for a pushcart prize.  She now resides in Chico, California.
Ode to My Heart

How many times have you been 
broken and healed, broken and healed,
a cracked vase glued back.
Disappointments have poured down on 
you like black rain and yet you returned
to pink beating like a valentine or 
cartoon heart.
How many times have you thought 
you loved him then lost that game,
but you still kept beating.
You slowed down, you paused
for way too long. You stopped.
Now, you are battery operated,
and a wire screwed metal gadget 
sends strong steady signals
to your weak, weary spirit.
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