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Jacob H. Friesenhahn

Jacob H. Friesenhahn

For me poetry is a form of mystical spirituality. Poetry enables me to find the universal in the particular, the spiritual in the physical, and to discover these dimensions are really one. Poetry reminds me the infinite within echoes the infinite without. These ideas may seem too much for just some words on a page, but I believe poems allow us in a unique way to tap into the sublime. 

Jacob teaches Religious Studies and Philosophy at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas. His poems have appeared in The Lake Front, Litbreak Magazine, Canary, Calla Press, Burrow, and BOMBFIRE


 we fall like acorns on a metal roof
 clang after clang can drive you mad
 one out of one hundred
 might become an oak
 dropping acorns of its own

 our lives are sent down like spikes
 into the soft soil
 hard drops in a hurry to reconvene
 secretly below the surface
 gathering in aquifers purified and distilled
 destined to be seen again

 we float and drift float and drift
 shifting almost horizontally for a season
 before settling down on the fall floor
 of the still forest
 settling down on top of those fallen before
 waiting to be gently covered
 by others sure to come	

 our lives are shaken out like a flurry of flakes
 furious sugar sprinkled in a sticky storm
 each one with a beauty all its own
 designed to become one
 frozen together in a white blanket
 pulled over the curved brown shoulder
 of a weary world ready for repose  
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