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Daniel P. Barbare

Danny Barbare has been writing poems most of his adult life. He has recently been published in North Dakota Quarterly and Pennsylvania Literary Journal. He attended Greenville Technical College and works at the University Center in Greenville, SC. He lives with his wife and family in Greenville, SC. They often travel to the Blue Ridge and lowlands of Charleston, SC and that inspires some of his poems.

              My Poem
              I never knew what this
              road meant to me
              walking to the park
              the waves of the lake
              clapping against the
              shore, colorful hardwoods
              blowing in the breeze
              I had the whole gazebo
              to myself, and although
              I was alone, my poetry
              could fire up all the
              grills, put hamburgers 
              and hotdogs on every
              picnic table as if it was
              happily the middle of
              summer, and my words
              were the hitch chains
              coming and going, and the
              campers chattering.

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