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Carrie Esposito

Carrie Esposito’s fiction has been published in The Georgia Review, Ruminate Magazine, Monkey Bicycle, The MacGuffin, King Ludd’s Rag by Malarkey Books, Pif Magazine, Everyday Fiction, Mused, and one is forthcoming in the 4th edition of the Ms. Aligned anthology. She has a poem up at Porcupine Literary and hopes to see more of her poetry in the world soon.

Carrie is passionate about her work as an Educational Consultant for Teaching Matters in the NYC schools, and she loves trail running, stand-up paddle boarding, reading in hammocks, and camping. You can find her on Twitter @CarrieBEsposito and read more about her novels in progress and short stories on her website at

Birds Perched on the Wire Outside my Window

watch a bird long enough and you will have a poem
the way they perch still their beaks testing the air
the future
a feather to the rain
one flying away, the other staying behind
what are their reasons
what calculations must they make to decide
do their feathers keep them warm
this is something I can look up
but it wouldn’t be the same as asking the bird
what it feels
from the wet falling leaves, the mist of gray churning up from the river
does the bird also love the melancholy of this day, the way it rests us
is it a lonely day now that its friend has flown
or is the wire companion enough, a place to wait for return

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